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Audition Information 35th Season

September 10, 17, 24 (other times by arrangement)
Union Baptist Church
119 High Street
Mystic, CT

The Mystic River Chorale welcomes singers from throughout the area to audition! Both new members and former members who were not regular dues-paying members in the past year must plan to sing for the Artistic Director for purposes of range, part assignment and standing position.

Auditions comprise a straightforward and non-threatening evaluation of musicality, voice quality, range, and music literacy. New singers should be ready to sing a song they feel flatters their voice; popular choices include "Amazing Grace", "America the Beautiful", hymns, carols, or folk songs, in addition to songs or arias.   Please bring an extra copy of your selection for our pianist. 

Membership in the Mystic River Chorale is based upon the needs of the Chorale and is at the absolute discretion of the Artistic Director and Board. Items considered in accepting singers to the Chorale are availability of places in the appropriate choral part, section and group choral balance, and size of the Chorale as set by the Board.

Individuals interested in auditioning should e-mail the Chorus Manager to obtain an audition time or call (860) 460-1487 for additional information.

Information for Potential Members

The Chorale rehearses from 7:15 PM to 9:30 PM each Monday from September to early May.
This Semester's rehearsals will commence on 10 September at the UnionBaptist Church, Mystic, CT.

The Mystic River Chorale requires a commitment from members to attend nearly every rehearsal. Members failing to meet attendance requirements may be dropped from the concert roster.

Members are required to pay annual dues and the cost of music. Chorale members are required to obtain specific concert attire. Members are also expected to participate in fund-raising and in ticket sales.

Items which are considered in retaining singers in the Chorale include: singer preparation, attendance, and participation in Chorale activities including fund raising and ticket sales.