Membership, Board and Staff

The Mystic River Chorale - 2014-2015 Season

as of 15 October 2014



Judith Barnard
Betsy Dotolo
Jill Foster*
Carolyn P. Kelly
Michelle Mencer*
Barbara Mow*
Kathleen P. O'Beirne
Jenna Randall
Judith Roure
Bonnie Schumann
Sandra L. Streeter*

Ann Cady
Suzanne E. Cullen
Patricia Dinwoodie
Christy Ehlers
Val Fast*
Nancy Handler
Patricia Hightower
Gretchen Leming*
Laurie-Annya Linfoot
Carol McBee
Kellie Olsen
Anne Potter
Elizabeth Read*
Heather Savageaux
Rachel Smith
Rosemary Webber
Isabella M. Zagare*



Cal Beggs*
Michele Delmhorst*
Richard Lamperelli
David M. Rinzler*
Rufus V. Smith*

Raymond N. Brown
Gerard J. Carriera
John J. Demlein Jr.*
Kit Foster*
Alex Read
Gordon Thomson*

* Also a member of The Mystic River Chorale Chamber Singers
# Section Leader


President Raymond N.Brown
Vice President Laurie-Annya Linfoot
Chorus Manager Barbara Mow
Secretary Rachel Smith
Treasurer Isabella M. Zagare
Sponsorship John Demlein
Publicity Therese Ratliff
Tickets Carolyn P. Kelly
Programs Jim Gauld
Venues <vacant>
Webmaster John Demlein
Members at Large Gerard J. Carriera
  Val Fast
  David M. Rinzler
  Sandra L. Streeter

Section Leaders

Soprano Michelle Mencer
Alto Gretchen Leming
Tenor David M. Rinzler
Bass Gerard J. Carriera